It's becoming a habit… Léa and Philippe Gauthier on the podium at the Breslau-Balkan rally.

They were already among the winners in 2013 and 2014, so the team had experience of the race, the geography and the incredibly original atmosphere. On the program: 15,600 miles between Sofia and Shkorpilovtsi in Bulgaria, to cover between the 10th and 17th of October 2016 with the help of a road-book.

Lining up as always in the SSV category, they competed with a new vehicle. So long the Polaris, enter the Yamaha YXZ1000. Harder to drive, this new car fitted with a sequential gear-box is more reliable. On tires supplied by BFGoodrich®, they sped along the Bulgarian roads without mishap in more or less dry conditions this year… Without mishap, or almost. At the 2nd special event, the car cartwheeled and that could have been the end of their dream of a third winner's podium.

"Luckily there was nothing broken but the road-holding was a little shakier after that mishap!"

The rest of the adventure passed without any serious mechanical hitch. Léa and Philippe were able to drive as they wished despite their maximum speed being restricted vis-à-vis other competitors.

They gradually made up for lost time stage by stage and picked up a magnificent 3rd spot in their category… quite some performance considering what happened at the beginning of the race.

Next year the twosome will again be on the starting line for the Breslau. Motivated more than ever, they want to show what their new machine can really do.

If you too have a driver's dream you want to make come true some time soon, file your project application on

"Luckily there was nothing broken but the road-holding was a little shakier after that mishap!"

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