Bengt and Eveli are a couple with a shared passion, namely traveling. After previously visiting and exploring Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hurghada (Egypt), Nerja and Lanzarote (Spain) and Illinois and Michigan (USA), in October 2017 they embarked on an epic trip to Morocco. With the Light2Learn association, they took part in a volunteer trip for installing solar power in remote schools. A charity project backed by two off-road enthusiasts and BFGoodrich®!

After the usual checks on their 4x4 car fitted with BFGoodrich® tires, Bengt and Eveli left Sweden on October 2, 2017 for the ferry to Poland. Then, they crossed Germany, Austria and Switzerland to reach Italy and take another ferry on the Grimaldi Line. Their objective: the region of Ifrane and surrounding areas in Morocco. The project was to provide solar (PV) electric lighting and power solutions for 9 remote schools in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, serving hundreds of children. 

The work began October 10. All schools were located in or close to the Ifrane National Park. Bengt and Eveli met with Tim Harman, the project manager of Light2Learn, and Jérôme Chestnot, co-project manager and translator. The different teams worked on the 6 schools for 6 days. “Both the teachers and the school children were just fantastic!” says Bengt. All the schools were different: surrounded by wild monkeys, kids arriving to school on a donkey… But especially and the most important of all, children with a smile on their face. “I gave them all the gifts we had brought from friends and other donors all the way from Sweden: books, pens, erasers, toys, balls, reflectors, pencil sharpeners and more.”

But all good things come to an end and finally they reached the last school. The team finished the installations and said goodbye to everyone. Now it was vacation time! Bengt and Eveli drove to Merzouga and Erg Cherbi Deser. They crossed dried-up rivers and lakes. “The coolest thing was driving into and through an old crater!” they both said. From October 18 to 20, the couple discovered the Sahara, the Sacred Oasis, the huge Lake Iriki (fortunately dry!), and a winding mountain… Wonderful views and lots of exercise for the steering wheel as well as the accelerator and brakes!

 Finally, a return to civilization, arriving in Marrakesh then on to discover Fez. Days of relaxation and exploration. On October 24, it was home to Europe, as Bengt and Eveli took the ferry to Spain. Driving home from Spain took 5 days. A huge and marvelous experience of almost 10,000 kilometers to help children.

A total of 9,269 km driven to experience first-hand an expedition adventure, get to meet the children and teachers, and gain greater insights into the challenges faced by people living in remote areas.

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