Team 420 picked up a magnificent 6th place at the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles


Delphine and Christine finished 6th in the overall rankings in the Experts category. An outstanding result when you realize that on the day of the prologue they discovered that their power steering system was on the blink and that they completed the last three days of the rally with a broken suspension spring, resulting in their having to forget about more daring options and lose a few precious kilometers in the process. Despite these two handicaps, they won the 1st and the 4th stages. This edition was marked by a number of mechanical break-downs, including the two favorite teams (one, Jeanette, broke down on the first stage, the other, Syndiely, on the final stage). 

The course was extremely demanding and the atmosphere a real challenge. “We felt the competition between teams,” said Delphine. “It was all about striking a permanent balance between daring and strategy to keep our car going to the end. We were dealing with virtually professional teams. We went through sandstorms, difficult terrain with flint-sharp stones and a huge amount of sand. And while a lot of the girls had to deal with blow-outs, our BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires stood up to everything.  Even when a piece of flint gouged a hole the size of a dollar coin on the morning of the 4th stage, the tires were always fit to drive. We actually continued the stage through to evening without the slightest problem.”

“In 9 rallies, I’ve only ever had one blow-out. I’ve always fitted BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires. I don’t know how to drill a tire, I’ve never had to deal with the problem. Mud Terrain tires get you through everything. Another novel feature this year was a choice of beacons. We loved it. It’s a real advantage to have driven the rally several times, because even though it is a different course each time, you seldom see a place you have never driven through before. So we really went for it, always making sure we were ahead, pushing our limits, blazing the trail, even if it did get a little scary. We could have played all out to win and wait for the others to come a cropper first over the tougher stretches and avoid making the same mistakes, but that wasn’t our state of mind. It was more engaging and riskier the way we did it, but we wanted to take up the challenge right to the end. We were proud to wear the BFGoodrich colors. It was great to see just how likeable the brand is, just the name got us well in with the other teams.”

So we really went for it, always making sure we were ahead, pushing our limits, blazing the trail, even if it did get a little scary.

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