BFGoodrich® partnered the 4x4 explorer Andrew St Pierre White.


From journeying across the Kalahari Desert alone, to his widely-acclaimed TV shows, Andrew St Pierre White is one of the world’s best known 4x4 explorers. He is also a long date partner of BFGoodrich®.

A passionate aircraft and glider pilot, Andrew St Pierre White has many interests, but the one at the top of his list? Four-wheel driving and overland expeditions. He is one of the world's premier 4x4 writers, filmmakers and creator of the spectacular . But as well as all that he is also the author of 15 4x4 overland books and one memoir – the number one bestseller on Amazon's travel section. He lives with his family in Western Australia and travels around the world. His YouTube channel has more than six million views per year and his two TV shows, Four-Wheel Drive and 4WD-Take a Deep Breath have received huge acclaim.

BFGoodrich® has partnered with his YouTube channel, in a series of videos. Andrew's history with BFGoodrich® spans eight years, using them both overland and on tours worldwide. We've supported him throughout that time.

In 2009 Andrew St Pierre White crossed the Kalahari Desert on his own in utter isolation, depending on BFGoodrich® tires. In 2010 he found the source of the Okavango Delta. Between 2011 and 2016 he filmed six more TV seasons! For those seven years (2009-2016) he had just one puncture using BFGoodrich® tires. 

“It’s been my tire of choice for a very long time, and can highly recommend them for any vehicle touring on and off road.” With over 100 episodes of television under his belt, 300 YouTube videos and 14+ million views, Andrew St Pierre White is the go-to guy for real life 4x4 adventure travel excitement, and we are ecstatic to help support him now, and in the future.

View his videos on his YouTube channel:

His history with BFGoodrich® tires:

One of his recent expeditions, Part-6 of his Namibia expedition on YouTube:

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