Our Summer series: Off-road Generations


When it comes to off-roaders, they’re BFGoodrich® and driver enough from generation to generation. An off-raider’s passion for adventure and new challenges is often a family affair; handed down from one generation to the next. Let’s meet some of these families who brave the open road together.

Episode 1 - Jean and Hubert Péru, father and son

For Jean Péru, driving a 4x4 has always been a call to adventure: “we’ve been to Morocco lots of times with the kids and with friends. We used to set off for three weeks at a time to bivouac in the Sahara and travel right up to the border with Algeria.” The thing that the now 72-year-old physiotherapist most appreciates in off-road driving is the fact that it brings together old-school, rustic adventure with the fun of a holiday. Most of all, he loves that it gives him a chance to spend time with his family. 

In fact, he’s been sharing these special experiences with his son Hubert, now 45 years old, for a very long time. “I remember in particular a family trip we took, I must have been about 15”, Hubert told us. “We travelled through the mountains in Andorra, via very complicated passes, to be able to reach the open plains beyond with their wild horses who came and galloped alongside the car. It was a breathtaking experience.”

On top of these extraordinary adventures, Jean has become just as attached to his 4x4 on a day to day basis because it’s a robust, powerful vehicle perfectly adapted to the rural life he lives. Hubert uses the same model of car, but he pushes it even further. For his work, he has to draw up soil maps and so needs to be able to drive freely over fields and along forest tracks. As such, going off-road is now a part of his day-to-day lifestyle. “When compared to my dad, I make much more use of the car’s all-terrain capabilities. That said, we have the same respect for the environments we drive through”, Hubert concluded.

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