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For the second time running, BFGoodrich® is supporting Team 420’s driver Delphine Bichoffe and navigator Christine Hunka who’re taking part in the Gazelles Rally.

Today they’re here to share their key rules and tips you need to respect in order to protect your vehicle during a rally race, in particular the Gazelles Rally where you have to cross the finish line having driven the fewest kilometers possible.

Rule #1: carefully plan your route

The first thing to do every single day before you get in your vehicle is to choose the maps which will be most useful for understanding your route. This work requires minute attention to detail to help you avoid any navigation mistakes during the day’s stage as well as to prevent anything that could damage your vehicle.

Rule #2: keep an eye on your tire pressure

Before you set off, it’s crucial to check your tire pressure. Depending on the day’s route, your tire pressure needs to be adapted to the different types of terrain you’ll drive over. The advantage of tires like the BFGoodrich® All Terrain KO2 is that they’re multipurpose and let you drive efficiently both on paved roads as well as on sandy or stony tracks

Rule #3: learn to master your navigation

Throughout the stage, it’s important to closely track the direction and route you’ve chosen in order to avoid putting your vehicle or yourselves in any danger. The mileage you cover needs to be recorded so that each modification to your route can be taken into account when you recalculate it.

Rule #4: double check the condition of your vehicle

At the end of the stage, oil, cooling liquid and brake fluid checks are necessary. You should also clean out the air filter and then check the tire pressure one last time. Constant good maintenance of your equipment has psychological benefits too because it lets you keep calm and stay concentrated during the race.

Rule #5: stick together

When you spend so many hours a day together in such a small space, in stressful, noisy conditions where you have to make quick-fire decisions, it’s vital to know how to keep cool and collected. Training hard and material that’s in good condition are important factors for making sure your race happens in the best possible conditions of course, but after that it’s up to each team to find its own dynamic. “We found ours by always taking decisions together, whether or not they end up good or bad. Strong team work is crucial to stop any chance of us losing morale,” Delphine and Christine told us. “And we never lose sight of the fact that we are there to have fun. So we take the race very seriously of course, but ourselves much less so!”

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