Pier Acerni, the first BFGoodrich® Offroad Center for Italian off-roaders!


As part of the BFGoodrich®’s certification (accreditation ?) programme, Pier Acerni, owner of Acerni Offroad in Varano de' Melegari, in the region of Parma, is the first Italian 4X4 specialist to have been certified as a « BFGoodrich® Offroad Center ». Pier, who as a racer only goes for the best, shared with us how working with the BFGoodrich® brand will make the difference.

You’ve just been certified as a BFGoodrich® Offroad Center. Why is this important for you?
At Acerni Offroad, we offer full service and informed advice for off-road enthusiasts as well as professional racers. We work on all aspects of the car from design to suspension, engine, transmission, fuel injection, painting… to design the car that does not exist but that corresponds exactly to our customers’ needs. To tune these customized vehicles and live up to our reputation, we only go for the best products. The quality of BFGoodrich® tires is second to none and we are very grateful for having been selected for this certification.

You believe it will make a difference?
Definitively! It is a great opportunity. It will contribute to our image as a high-level professional. Being selected is proof of trust by BFGoodrich® and, in turn, it will inspire trust in our customers. You do not find BFGoodrich® expert distributors around every corner!

What makes the BFGoodrich® tires special?

My team and I have tried and tested the tires during our numerous off-road expeditions in many places and especially in Africa. Thanks to their polyvalence, BFGoodrich® tires are the only ones that adapt to the surfaces on the way and back as well as perform on the roughest and most diversified off-road terrains. Never a single cut or puncture. These tires are just great!

How did the certification process go?
We spent 2 days with the BFGoodrich® teams to be trained and get to know all the ins and outs of the tires. It was really interesting and great fun too, it felt like being part of a family! We tested the tires on a private circuit in all kinds of conditions: mud, field, gravel, sand, hills, corners, twists…and they clearly came up to scratch.

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for off-road?
With a father who was himself a racer, I was brought up with the passion for driving! At 5, I started driving a motorcycle and at 8 a Jeep. Today, at 42, off-road still thrills me. What I love about it is the combination between speed and the contact with nature. Also, each experience is unique. For me, it is a life style.

You are an experienced racer too?

I started racing in 1999 in the Italian Challenge 4x4 by FIF Championship. Since then, with my team, I have raced all over the world. Ultra4, which combines extreme conditions and high-speed, is my thing. We won the King of Wales in 2012 and 2013 and were the only European qualifier for the 2013 US King Of The Hammers. It was amazing to be part of this iconic race!
The coming year will also be hot on racing. We’ve just finished building a brand new car from scratch and are gearing up for races across Europe (King of Wales, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece) and for another KOH in 2019.

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