After the deliberations from the latest selection committee, BFGoodrich® will be supporting 4 new Good Projects. Discover the new winners, all sharing the same objective of going beyond their limits and being #DriverEnough! It's our great pleasure to introduce and welcome them to the BFGoodrich® community

Axel Allétru (France): competitor and warrior

Axel Allétru is an incredible athlete: after titles in BMX and motocross, in 2010 he fell badly during the Motocross World Championships and become paraplegic. But with force of mind and a long rehabilitation period, he got back into sports through swimming, including the French swimming federation's handisport events. A competitor at heart, he turned his driving talent to 4 wheels and become an official Polaris Rider. His project? To show that everything is possible, even with disabilities, thanks to a series of videos where he drives his buggy and performs some spectacular falls and acrobatic maneuvers.

Check out his story on his Website , his Facebook Page and his YouTube channel !

Delphine Crosse (France): a French girl at the Carta Rally

Delphine has been infatuated with mechanical sports since she was just a child. She first tried her hand at motocross and jet-skiing, but her real dream was one of rally raid events crossing tracks, mountains and deserts… With the Trophée Roses des Sables rally and precious advice from her "sponsor" Luc Pagnon (a 9-time Paris-Dakar competitor), she took the plunge and entered the rally raid. Always looking for new challenges, she never gives up in the face of difficulty. That’s why she participated with co-driver Xavier at the Carta Rally in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, she will be driving in the Cross Country category… as driver. BFGoodrich® will be backing her team at the Carta Rally and supporting them during the rally in March.

To learn more about Delphine’s team and follow the Carta Rally, check out the Facebook Page and Website

Stefano Rossi (Italy), dynamic competitor

Italian Stefano Rossi is an experienced off-road driver. A 4x4 fan, he navigates, explores, and competes all around the world, and has chalked up no fewer than 7 wins since 2009 at the Italian Cross Country Championship. He has also entered and won a number of Baja (Baja Poland, Baja 500 Portalegre, Baja Aragon…). His greatest experience? The Dakar Rally in 2017. Stefano's favorite playground is the desert. So in 2018, BFGoodrich® will be backing him and his participation at the Africa Ecro Race, from Monaco to Dakar in January. Objectives? The pink beach of Dakar and victory!

Follow all Stefano’s races and preparations on his Facebook Page and Instagram account

Murat Uyandirci (Turkey), the Rockies from south to north

Murat has nearly 15 years of driving experience, participating at national and local motor sports events. He has also built a number of offroad vehicles. He loves camping, rock-climbing, and working on vehicle modification projects. A lover of motoring and nature, he tries to combine the two with road-trips. This time, his project is to build a Wrangler Rubicon and take it on a trip starting from the Rocky Mountains in United States and finishing the journey in the Canadian Rockies. BFGoodrich® will be helping him to plan, build and experience the long trip accompanied by wildlife.

You can track these five adventures right now on BFGoodrich® Facebook page  . If you too have a dream and feel #DriverEnough, go ahead and submit your project here . Good Project is designed to enable anyone with an off-road project to see their dream come true, from A to Z. Go for it!

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