Our Summer series: Off-road Generations


When it comes to off-roaders, they’re BFGoodrich® and driver enough from generation to generation. An off-raider’s passion for adventure and new challenges is often a family affair; handed down from one generation to the next. Let’s meet some of these families who brave the open road together.

Episode 2 - Bruno and Aymeric Laverlochère, 3 generations of off-roaders

The son of a 4x4 enthusiast with whom he has driven over 300,000 km, when the time came Bruno Laverlochère was just as keen to pass on the family passion to his own son. Although still only 10 years old, Aymeric already rides along with his father to meetings with other 4x4 enthusiasts, sometimes for entire week-ends. “I really like that there are so many different types of people who love 4x4 driving. I sit upfront with my dad to get the most out of everything and to make sure I don’t miss a moment,” Aymeric told us. 

When he was his son’s age, Bruno’s preferred seat was standing on the 4x4’s rear-platform, dreaming about the day when he’d get behind the wheel himself. “Those trips in that car were so much more than driving, there was something magical about every moment. All of us have that same love and passion for going off-road.” 

Now finally behind the wheel himself, this 46-year-old production engineer has become a true fanatic of off-road driving and of 4x4s, owning no fewer than 4 vehicles, one for general trips, one for passion, a collector's model (one from his father which he still owns), and another one for fan meet-ups and difficult all-terrain driving. These drives are the ones his son loves most: “I like the technical parts where we have to overcome a route’s most difficult sections. When we go over steps and climb steep tracks, it’s an incredible feeling,” Aymeric told us. “I love feeling the power of the car beneath me and pretending like I’m in control.” Just like his dad then, all he thinks about is getting behind the wheel himself! 

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