2 French Rebelle Angels in the American Desert

2018. 02. 03.

Syndiely Wade and Melanie Baudin: two French committed athletes, two out-and-out off-road enthusiasts. Syndiely Wade is a veteran of rallye routes and other tracks and had already raced along the trails of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles and the Dakar. Between the 11th and the 21st of October 2017, this "dream team" hit the arid expanses of Nevada competing in the Rebelle Rallye. A human adventure with real obstacles.

Syndiely, from Senegal, had considerable experience of racing tracks, while Melanie was getting her first taste of off-road adventures: "This was my first rallye, it was all new to me. I was very excited and couldn't wait to get started."

Training was intense. The Sahara was the playground they chose for weeks of preparation, driving and navigating across sand-dunes. Their sights were set on a rallye whose first outing involved driving across the great American west starting out from Squaw Valley (California).


The Rebelle Rallye: the ultimate in off-road driving


The Rebelle Rallye is the ultimate in off-road driving, a challenge with no GPS and a race for women drivers only. 7 days of technical motoring and navigation using just a map and compass over some 1300 miles (over 2,000 km). In 2017, 72 women drove across some breath-taking landscapes during a week packed with challenge and opportunity, human adventure and endless exploits.

Driving their Rubicond Jeep fitted with BFGoodrich® Mud-terrain tires, our Rebelle Angels skillfully clocked up one check-point after another, day after day, in the deserts of Nevada and California. An epic marathon across totally unknown territory (for the two ladies). Death Valley, the Rocky Mountains, Silver Peak, Goldfield and the Mojave desert: a testing series of different landscapes and terrains. Ranked amongst the leading group right from the start, they put in an amazingly consistent performance despite some incredible difficulties.


The bottom line for Rebelle Angels was a 12th place finish in the overall rankings.


The Rebelle Angels: big adventure, big heart

Melanie and Syndiely, caught up in an adventure where they had to cope with a string of obstacles, also showed real sporting spirit. On several occasions along the grueling offroad trails they stopped to help others by the wayside.


A great attitude and spirit that BFGoodrich® can only be proud of. And the reason why Melanie and Syndiely won the Fair-Play Award and the sum of €5,000 that they immediately handed over to the Make A Wish Association. The money went to Paco, a young boy with a craze for quads diagnosed with a cancer that forces him to stay close to home. His wish was to have a quad circuit nearby, a wish come true thanks to the Rebelle Angels and their fighting spirit on the American trails. 

"Our minds are still out there lost in those extraordinary landscapes of California and Nevada. Our Rebelle Rallye was a success whichever way you look at it, from a sporting, commitment and human perspective. A truly heart-warming experience. "  

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