Our Summer series: Off-road Generations

2017. 08. 29.

When it comes to off-roaders, they’re BFGoodrich® and driver enough from generation to generation. An off-raider’s passion for adventure and new challenges is often a family affair; handed down from one generation to the next. Let’s meet some of these families who brave the open road together.

Episode 4 - Ales and Saša Plesnicar, father and son

Ales Plesnicar (father), gardener, lives in Gorizia in the east of Italy

How did you first get into off-road driving?

I discovered off-road driving thanks to my dad when I was only 4 years old! He took me to meet-ups and amateur competitions. I loved it straight away. Ever since, I’ve carried on searching out every adventure which lets me get closer to nature and to discover places that are normally off-limits or inaccessible.

How do you and your son share your passion?

Just like me, he took an interest in off-road driving from a very early age. I can still see him at 5 years old, explaining to his friends how to attack a track in an electric 4x4, one that I’d been preparing for a competition in Gradisca d’Isonzo. Despite everything we’ve done, we sometimes disagree completely, but that just means that I get my inspiration from him as well. 

Saša Plesnicar (son), 14 years old

How do you live your off-road passion when you’re still only 14?

Until I get my own licence, I go along with my dad to the races he takes part in, and I’m taking part in a competition vehicle project. If I had to do a speed race today, I would choose a Toyota Hilux Overdrive vehicle with BFGoodrich® tires.

What do you think about your father’s passion for off-road driving?

It’s more than a passion, it’s dedication too. He takes part in events, spends time maintaining his 4x4s… He teaches me lots of stuff about off-road driving and how to choose the best equipment depending on the terrain. We’ve also shared some amazing experiences, like the last time he took part in the Italian Baja Cup in 2017.

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