DAKAR 2019


2018. 08. 31.

Sergio Samaniego is the winner of the BFGoodrich® Good Project Dakar edition. We asked him some questions to discover a bit more about him…

The first thing you do when you wake up?

I check the cell phone and see the messages on WhatsApp.

Your motto?

Every sacrifice brings a greater reward!

If you were a color?


If you were a movie?

Saving the private Ryan

A dream destination?


If you were an animal?

Cougar - Puma

If you were a sport?

Table tennis and soccer

And a famous sportsman?

Stephan Peterhansel, the best!

An essential element in your life?

It is a combination of Music, Travel and family.

If you were a quality?


And a defect?


The natural talent with which you would like to be gifted?

Play piano

Your favorite fictional character?

Meteoro - Speed ​​Racer

Your ideal food as a rally driver?

Cebiche ó Lomo Saltado - Peruvian food

Coffee or tea?

Both of them

Your favorite park to drive?

Rural roads and dunes of Peru

If you were a specific car?

Alpine Renault A110 Berlinette

If you were a famous co-pilot?

Jean-Paul Cottret

But my favorite copilot is my wife Brendy, she is the best!

If you were a specific rally car?

Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, I need one please!

And ... Your current mental state?

Grateful for fulfilling the dream of the Dakar, but very concerned to complete it.

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