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Markus Walcher is the winner of the Good Project Dakar Edition. BFGoodrich® will be getting expert advice from some of the greatest rally drivers ever to hit the road. Indeed, Markus Walcher will represent BFGoodrich® during the Dakar 2018, January 6 to 20!

For the first series of tips, you will discover advice from Nani Roma, our official patron for the Good Project Dakar Edition. A two-time winner of the Dakar with huge experience from his 12 starts in the cars division, Nani Roma knows better than most how tough the terrain can get. Here are his tips for Markus.

"Always follow your dreams"

Nani Roma is a tough-nut driver with a long career under his belt. In his opinion, what helped him to go so far and win the Dakar twice over was the fact that he believed in it. "The hint, what will help you the most is to follow your own dreams and to never forget them. Today I am a professional, but I made it all the way until now by following my dreams and making them come true."

"Don't get caught out by the sand"

This year, the rally Dakar track will be sandly. For Nani Roma, sand can make things very complicated for any driver. It can throw team performance right off track. "You need to be ready for the desert and dunes. The first week will be difficult in Peru, mainly because there is a hell of a lot of sand and any number of kilometers off-track. Be careful, be mentally very strong and stay focus."

"Listen to your body"

Besides the mechanical aspect, Dakar is above all else an out-and-out physical experience. It is a tough ride for the body from start to finish, especially when having to cope with sharp changes in temperature and altitude. "The stage before La Paz will be long and hard because of the height. It is important to pay attention to how you feel when dealing with changes and conditions of altitude. Two stages will be in Bolivia, where conditions and altitude change considerably."

"Never forget to eat and drink during the stage"

Sounds obvious but hydration and nourishment are serious factors and should never be neglected, even when you think you don't have time. "It is important to keep a personal schedule and keep track of your food and water intake each day."

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Make a date with us next month to discover the invaluable advice of Mikko Hirvonnen! 

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