Passion at every ‘BFGoodrich® Offroad Center'


The results of an international study carried out by BFGoodrich® have shown that its clients want to be able to get advice from people who are both truly passionate about their expertise and who are able to explain it clearly to them when they buy their tires at BFGoodrich® sales locations.

To rise to this challenge, ever since 2016 BFGoodrich® has been implementing a training program for its distributors in 12 countries worldwide with the idea of creating an international network of accredited ‘BFGoodrich® Offroad Center’ sales locations.

Thanks to partnerships developed with local 4x4 schools, each center will have the opportunity to put its teams through two day off-road driving placements. At a dedicated location, the off-roaders will be able to test tires in real world conditions and play around with different tire pressures depending on the terrain type (slippery, stony, loose, etc.) to better understand the products they work with.

Starting in September in Europe

In order to help clients find accredited BFGoodrich® Offroad Center sales locations, each of them will be designated with a specific logo in the list of potential resellers on the BFGoodrich® website. On the ground, each accredited partner will also display a dedicated badge in its window as well as a plaque placed inside the store.

First launched in South Africa in 2016, the program since spread to Russia and Australia at the start of 2017. 60 accredited sales locations will be open for business in Europe by the end of the year, with over 200 planned for the end of 2018. According to Franck Barge, distribution manager, “In France, Italy and Spain from September, the program will focus on a dozen different sales locations with an overall objective, three years from now, of creating nationwide coverage thanks to a network of over 70 stores.” Across all 12 countries, BFGoodrich® aims to create 500 accredited locations between now and 2019. So it’ll soon be even easier to get yourself an experience that’s #driverenough.

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