BFGoodrich® Partnering 'Chambon sur Jeep'


During three days, from April 28th to 30th 2018, BFGoodrich® was supporting Jeep freaks on trails across the valley of Chaudefour, around the Sancy mountain in France. Several hundred Jeep fans and more than 500 vehicles were assembled in Chambon-sur-Lac (Auvergne) to take part to this 16th edition and tackle the mountain and an exciting challenge.

The program included exploration trails with a road book and supervised drives with varying levels of difficulty, especially the trial zones. The terrain required every driver to fit the best tires around. BFGoodrich®, official partner of the event with a full set-up for the second year running, organized a booth that featured a pump station for tires and technical advice from the brand's tire experts.

Nearly 120 Jeepers were given the best tips for tire inflation, pressure and the tires themselves depending on the terrain. On cross-country trails, tire pressure has to be slightly lower, so after the event drivers stopped off to pump up the pressure a little for a safe drive home.

BFGoodrich® with 'Chambon sur Jeep' was a major player in a top event for Jeep enthusiasts and once again posted a high level of performance and reliability on the tough cross-country trails of Auvergne.

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