TransAnatolia: Selen Muratoğlu will push her limits in Turkey!


August 19, the TransAnatolia rally will start out in Turkey from Izmir, which will host the starting ceremony, and end with the winner's podium in Samsun. Selen Muratoğlu, one of our Good Project winners, will live through 8 days and 2,800 km of pure adventure with BFGoodrich®.

Selen Muratoğlu is 36 years old and lives in Turkey. Her greatest dream is to go and see different places, explore various terrains. As a woman who has been working for different automotive companies for more than 10 years with Michelin Turkey, cars and the excitement they bring have become an indispensable part of her life.

The TransAnatolia Rally raid runs between the Western and the Northern parts of Anatolia on a route winding its way from the Aegean to the Black Sea… It covers nearly 3,000 km and takes 8 full days to complete. It will be the opportunity for Selen and Koray (her husband and experienced 40-year-old rally driver) to push their limits, prove their flawless sense of direction, and get their first taste of some longer, even more relentless off-road tracks full of all the dirt, mud and water they can throw at them!

From the pristine roads of Turkey to the challenging routes extending along the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas, there is a lot of beauty in store for all drivers... "If you can do it as part of the 3,000 km-long TransAnatolia Race driving your Toyota Hilux, then it is going to be one hell of an experience… ", says Selen, newcomer to the world of rallying, but keen to make her dream come true."BFGoodrich® gives us a chance to take a further step towards our dreams and spirit of adventure… "

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